Thursday, March 18, 2010

Homeward Bound...

I'm killing time in the Starbucks next to our hotel, before my flight. I have another hour. Then it's off to give yet another poor chinese fellow a hernia while he lifts my luggage! I am starting to feel bad.

Not sure if its the time change or the 7 planes in 9 days.. but I have had some good falls here!! I mean, almost break a leg and neck fall! one I even managed to catch on video..(maybe that is why I and walking.. a lot like chewing gum and walking). Anyway, Moya has had a good laugh at my expense! Well yesterday I had yet another good fall here in China!! This time coming out of Starbucks (been to Starbucks everyday.. ahhh a little bit of home) I had my glasses on, and didn't even see the steps coming out of the cafe, missed them completely, went flying through the air, managed to save my coffee.. although it did splash a bit, and still landed on my feet, but without any grace.....LOL it was one of those arms flailing look of death on face falls...
there were 2 very cute german fellows sitting outside and as I was free falling I yelled.without thinking... OH JESUS!!!!!! they looked up and I groaned to them.. oh god... please tell me you don't speak english!! and they started to laugh!!so embarrassing!!

I think my luggage is very overweight, why would anyone put on a weight restriction on luggage is beyond me! I think it was my husband's idea. As you can only spend till 50lbs. Stupid rule!
I'm even trying to wear a couple of layers and my heaviest coat to help lighten the luggage, but I think I'll still be dinged. Maybe I will start a trend, the seven layered, sweating hard look.

Out of all my trips here, I never really bought myself things, (yeah yeah, I hear you, besides purses then..) but this time, I shopped for myself, clothes for myself, because everything here fits me. Instead of buying cotton tops in petites at Reitmans, I bought "silk" fun dress and fitted yoga pants (your welcome frank) and a gorgeous fitted "cashmere" jacket.(XL) that kills me!! 5ft nothing and 100lbs and I'm an XL..

The women are dressed so beautiful, high end fashion for sure, and the jackets... oh god the coats and jackets and wraps... This time I didn't buy any purses for myself, but I did get 3 jackets.. I just couldn't resist. Barb I looked everywhere for the claw thing for Calder, for 2 days at the market, and couldn't find it. Sorry. oh yeah, I had one girl tell me yesterday that if I bought my coat from some one else, she would kill me! nice!! (I did avoid her aisle for the next 2 days just in case! lol)

On the Good News front... Remember the little blind girl....

He Rhu Zhi's condition was much worst than I had imagined, her eye was actually swelling out of her eye socket and would have to be taken out and replaced with a fake eye. She will never see.
I left that orphange very sad that I wasn't able to do more for her, I held her as much as I could but it was still very hard.
Well, yesterday we had a breakfast meeting with a US woman who has lived here for 21 years and has many connections to charities in China. She has 2 daughters adopted from Hunan and Dianjiang(same as lily). Anyway, we talked about the Gracie's Room project and how we need to make it a 24 hour /day care and the costs and the needs of the babies... etc.. and she told us about an orphanage for the Blind, here in Beijing, that is run by a french couple and that they provide eye surgeries for children, and that we can arrange to have He Rhui Zhi transferred there. Not ony would they do her surgery, but she would be able to live out her life there, where she will be well cared for, and given therapy and even be able to have a career!!
We have already set the ball rolling on this, and hopefully will hear some news soon.
the other child a small boy, maybe 12 months old with a heart condition. He is very ill, and although he has a family in the states waiting for him, they are not allowed to travel here to get him because he is so sick. Anyway we found out about an organization that will do the surgery .. we'll have to look into it once we get home. (the surgery costs only 120$us) stupid eh??

Well, that's it for today.. Give me a couple days to adjust get over the jetlag..and I'll post again!

oh these 2 little gems are looking for thier forever families......If you need any information on them, please contact me.


geminirn said...

Safe travels and cannot wait to chat soon!!

Kris said...

i hope they ALL find their homes soon~!!