Monday, March 1, 2010

MARCH BREAK!!!!!!!!!!

and we have nothing planned.... whew...

I have so much to do before my trip, I am taking this week to get ready!

This weekend, we had a lovely prime rib dinner and we had a good laugh at Lily eating hers, I just had to share these photos.

Here is HER bowl of HorseRadish... This is her second helping,

She eats it by itself, by the forkful!!

Then her ice cream fell into the leftovers, and she picked it up, and ate it, horseradish and all..

oh, and I'm not sure you can see it, but in the background on her plate is a scoop of Dijon mustard that she dips her roast beef in likes its Ketchup!
She has the funniest taste buds! Her dental "work" is being done tomorrow!! Wish her luck!


Mammarazzi Madness said...

Awhh ....good luck Lily !
Krista, are you blogging from China ?
I hope you have a safe trip :)

REAL fav tante Cheryl said...

tell Lily that fav tante Cheryl will send her something shiny the show girls wear in Vegas after her teeth are fixed.
good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck Lily!! When you're done make sure to get your mum to buy you lots of ice cream!! :) Same for us for the march break. Only plan is that my dad may take a day off and we might go to Poley.