Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Donkey in Traffic, Delicious Food and Precious Children

Hi everyone,
we have arrived in XinXiang, after a 2.5hour drive.. I forgot how crazy the driving is.. I just love it.
We even saw a donkey pulling a cart! cool!
When we arrived we went to the orphanage and met with the directors, they served us tea and a pile of candy.. (which we pocketed for our kids) lol

Then they took us to lunch. Oh Lu, we had a dish that you would just love, a sweet and sour / and a little hot eggplant dish, that is deep fried first them sauted in a tomatoe sauce and veggies.. YUM YUM!
Instead of tea, I had beer with lunch! 3.3% acohol it was like juice.
After lunch they brought us to a hotel, to drop off our stuff, and we are going to the orphanage in 30mins.
We found out that about 3 of the children are paper ready and have parents waiting for them! Good News!!
But 1 is very sick and unless he gets better, he will not be able to be adopted.
We are able to take pictures of the children in Gracie's Room, but not of the other children in the SWI. (Social Welfare Institute)
We are also able to take notes on the children and then we'll meet with the staff and make suggestions and comments etc..
We are staying here overnight tonight. I check my e-mails oftena nd can read everyones comments and e-mails so keep them coming. It's nice to have a little bit of news from home.
Girls ! I keep looking around for things to buy for you! We are doing some shopping on the street tonight ofter we have supper with the directors.


Anonymous said...

I've flown alone before; it was relaxing and two nice ladies at the Halifax airport tried helping me with my Physics homework. :) Happy that yoĆ¹'re helping those kids find good homes, and I hope the little sick one gets better real soon and goes off to a family that loves her. Daddy and Loryn say hi!

Sampsons said...

Travel safe and enjoy being there! N