Wednesday, May 2, 2007

For my girlies..

Hi my beautiful girls!!
How are you??? Daddy says your being so good, getting ready for school and gym. Doing your homework.
I am so proud of you!
I'm having fun here with ma tante Cheryl and Papa and Maman. We are still waiting for Maple to have her puppies,
it should be any day (or night) now. She is having 3. I wonder if Lu would like one????
I will be home 1 week from today. I will be sure to wake you up when I get home! OK?
Abigail: I want you to try very very hard to be nicer to Isabelle. She really looks up to you.
I bet she could use a big hug!
Isabelle, I want you to stop teasing Abigail! I need you to walk away from her if she is being mean.
Give her space. You two are such good girls! I know it is different with me being away on vacation, but
I'll be home soon, all rested with lots of presents!!! Be good to each other!! I love you both!!
Daddy, I know your sick...tired...busy....but it's only for 1 more week. Try it for 5 months one day.
Your a fantastic Dad and I know your doing a great job! I love you.
Lily...I bet your having lots of fun with Mary!! Are you playing with your animals and doing the monkey dance?
Mary said your pooping on the potty for her!! Good girl!! Your mommy's little peanut!! I love you!!

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