Friday, May 4, 2007

Friday Night....Yawn....

It's Friday night....normally a "stay up with a glass of wine" night, however Cheryl and I were up all night last night.
Her little dog Maple decided to have her puppies last night at 12:30am till 8am!!!!
Soooo...needless to sleep here!!
It's 7:50pm we went out for supper and we're all ready for bed!
Maple had 3 puppies, the first a girl, pure white, breech and Cheryl had to pull it out by its hind legs, we didn't think she was going to make it, but after some rubbing she let out a cry!! Then a boy, choc brown, he was stuck in the birth canal for over an hour and his sack around him had broken, and he wasn't getting any oxygen, so sadly, he didn't make it, then she had another boy, very quickly breech again...had to be pulled out...pure white...still with the sack intact...he was fine!! So 1 girl and 1 boy, what a night!!

We made sure the puppies and mommy were fine then headed off for a final day of shopping - still no sleep- LOL
5 hours later.....and supper out.....we're ready for bed.

Cheryl is having a small party here tomorrow night to celebrate Cinto de Mayo.
Should be fun.


Mama Of 2 said...

Sorry about the lose of one puppy!!

I was there when kittens were born at a friends house and one came out with no sack and I quickly grabbed her and smacked her around and gave her mouth to mouth...YES! I didnt want her to die.... She lived! Must have been the smacking around LOL!!!!!

Enjoy the pups

Lu said...

Oh no, i'm sorry about the little brown puppie but glad everyone else is doing well! I hope you took lots of pictures and think of good names again.

you are such a trooper. NOthing....NOTHING infringes on your shopping time. did you get anything good? Super Dad Dolan dropped by yesterday for a visit. Tonight sent jeff over with lasagne and he arrived to a Norman Rockwell smelled of Sunday dinner, adn there was father and daughter at the table working on homework. LOL. AND.....he sent jeff home with homemade bbq'd ribs AND homemade chocolate cake with boiled frosting. Unless you froze it for them to was pretty fricken delicious and tasted just like yours. ; )

see you soon....

L xo

Lu said...

oh wait!!! i forgot to mention that SuperDad and the FOUR kids arrived at our house....ON THEIR BIKES! LOL