Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Maple and her babies

This is Maple, Cheryl's baby. This picture was taken the night before she had her puppies.

What a big old belly, poor things could barely walk by the end, I totally was feeling for her. I even asked the vet if she could have a walking epidural! LOL

In this picture she JUST had her last puppy, only a few minutes old.

Just a few hours old.

Here are the puppies, about 2 days old, we had to take them to the vet to get Maple checked out, so I managed to grab a few photos while she was out of the box.

They are soo small!!


geminirn said...

OH!Look how tiny they are....must have been pretty exciting during their birth.

Mama Of 2 said...

WOW! What a belly for such a small puppy! I bet she was uncomfortable...

Glad all went well and she looks to be a great Mommy :0)