Thursday, May 31, 2007

Playroom Challenge

Ok people...... I am putting out a challenge.
I am doing this for my own sanity.
For the life of me, I cannot keep our playroom clean! No matter how much I try, I vacum, I wash, I pick up, I throw away...I just can't do it!! When I ran my preschool (out of this very room) I was able to keep the room spotless!! Everything had a place, a bucket, a bin. The floors were vacummed AND washed EVERYDAY!!
Why is it that I can keep up with 6 kids and teach them thier ABC's and 123's, but I can't keep up with just ONE kid???
Ohhh I know. That is because Lily is also know as the "Holy Terror" of the playroom. LOL

There must be someone..somewhere who has a playroom that can never be cleaned!!
I want to see it! I want to feel "normal". LOL

Here is my before and after picture.




penny said...

I could be mistaken but I think you have the before and after labels mixed up. :)

I wish I had a play room. Our whole house is Lucy's play room. I thought we had a mess when we had a small house - well add more sq.ft. and add more mess. Lucy is at Grandma's all day tomorrow. I'll be home cleaning. So it will be clean for one day anyway!!

Mama Of 2 said...

LOL! Thats a good clean up job! I am on the same page as Penny.. The before and after??/ or else lily messed it and then you cleaned it hahaha