Monday, May 21, 2007

hey...what's happening....

Penny, your right, blogger isn't allowing comments! I thought it was something that I did. Guess not? That really sucks. Were you able to fix yours?

I like the lock idea and going back to look for it. How neat!

I have a couple of pairs of shoes and a pair of rubber boots for Ally Cat! I think we should get together this week. What about Wednesday or Thursday? I'd love some help with the blog, obviously I'm having some problems!! LOL I am very tempted to but the fotofusion program, it's only 39.$ and I've downloaded the trail version and absolutely love it! I'd love to hear your suggestions.

Dianne.. Are you coming up for the hayride this weekend? I have a little something for you. ;)


penny said...

I checked under customize and it was on so I just had to go under posting options and turn it on. (I fixed Dianne's too. ;)

Speaking of Dianne, I'm pretty sure she's coming up. And we're both really hoping to come up some week day for a visit too. We'll have to make plans at the hay ride!! Of course we'll all be at the SJ Airport Friday to welcome home the Nickerson's. Love to see some of you Fredericton people come on down for that one!!

geminirn said...

Hi Krista;we are planning to come up for the hayride....IF YOU PROMISE TO BRING YOUR CHILDREN!!!!!!!
I am really looking forward to seeing you again,also am hoping to meet Andrea and Angela9and their beautiful kiddos).
You certainly didn't have to pick me up anything...however anything PINK/Warm ang ADORABLE....would be greatly appreciated(even on lone).....that is right girl i haven't for gotten

LadyBug Journals said...

Hey Krista,
I just jumped online and thought I'd pay you a visit. Love the banner. Hmmmm ...I wonder how you can get it on your page ...
we might be able to play around with it.
In order to apply a picture you have to edit the html portion of template and past something there...
I'm going to go look for the directions.
Gosh, it Wednesday and you wanted to get together. We are booked all day tomorrow.
Why don't we try and pick a time to get together next week. We are going to the Hayride ?