Monday, May 7, 2007

Last day in Arizona!!

I CAME..(with 1 suitcase)....I SAW...(shopped)....I CONQUERED..(leaving with 3 suitcases)..

It's 9:40am and it is already hitting 30 degrees. We've had a few cooler days which was nice. I have to get my final "lay in the sun" this morning.
I am all done shopping, I know, I know..Who would of thunk it!!
Can you guess my final purchase.......
YUP!! a bottle of good ole JOSE CUERVO TEQUILA .....Margarita time in Fredericton!! eh Lu??

I talked to Frank this morning, he seems to be doing alright. Our neighbor and good friend came over last night to relax with Frank and have a beer around 8:30pm and Frank had to refuse!! LOL He was just getting Lily out of the tub, and Isabelle was getting into the bath and Abigail had just informed him that she didn't understand her homework and had a test on it today!!" I taking too much satisfaction in this??

Although I will give the man credit! He took all the girls (plus one extra) out for a huge bike ride on Saturday. He biked out to Lincoln with them. He said at one point he was pulling Lily in the bike trailer, and pushing Isabelle on her bike, and pulling Abigail and Victoria as they decided to hold onto the bike tailer. What a trooper. He said by the time he got to Lu's he was ready to pass out!! LMAO!!


Mama Of 2 said...

Wow! The time has flown by but I am sure it hasnt for Frankie!!

3 suitcases.... Thats pretty good for you! LOL!

Have a safe journey home and looking forward to seeing pics of the trip.


geminirn said...


Sounds like the shopping was pretty

Oh i bet the girls are just aching to get their arms around you...

Have a safe journey home.

LadyBug Journals said...

Hope you had a great time. SEe you when you get back.