Thursday, May 24, 2007

NEVER a dull moment...

I swear never a dull moment. On Saturday just as the kids announced that they were now "officially" bored, I looked out my kitchen window and saw.....

now you have to understand....we live IN the city....DOWNTOWN....we have squirrels, pesty awful pain in the butt squirrels..(yes I have issues with them) but it's not often you see a raccoon. We see the damage they do, eat our garbage etc...but we don't get to actually see them very often when the kids are awake.
So this big fellow was out in the middle of the day, hanging out on my neighbors roof.
Apparently if you see one in the day, and its moving slow...and not scared of people, it is probably sick.
Well this one hung out for the day...moving slow... and not scared of us (even Lily) yelling at it.
So..I made the phone call to the rabies hot line and the "raccoon wrangler" came by and tried to catch him, with a long stick that had a loop on the end. He would grab the raccoon by the neck and drop him into an awaiting cage.
Well let me tell you....NOW my kids were no longer bored.

It was getting dark and late so I sent the 2 older girls into the house to get ready for bed (Lily was already in her bed) and Frank and I went out to watch the excitement with our neighbor.
About a half hour later, I thought I would check on the kids. I came into the kitchen and it looked like a bar scene....there was: lemon juice, grenadine, orange juice, sprite, ice cubes, lemon slices and to top it all off...the martini shaker.... the girls were making "special drinks"
All I needed to do was add vodka and I would have had a nice little drink...!
I had them clean it up, and sent them to the window to watch.
( no I didn't get a picture.. I was too busy getting the gin down from the cuppboard)

Well, the raccoon outsmarted us, so the wrangler left a baited cage by the house and said he'd be back in the morning.
When we got up in the morning, the cage was gone and so was the raccoon.
So we made the assumption that he caught it.
UNTIL ..... Yesterday, when I looked out my window and saw:

Wait a second.....this is the SAME guy.... oh no....did he catch a healthy one and now its brain is disected in some lab in the states???
Ohhhh nooooo I feel so guilty.... I decided to let this guy live out his distempered life on the roof.


geminirn said...

LMAO!!!!!You just keep cracking me up girl!!!

penny said...

Too cute. Remind me when I'm up in Fredericton to stop in for a drink of something!!

Mama Of 2 said...

LOL! Thats hilarious!! HE is looking a little to comfortable in your yard....


P.S. I think the girls watch you make your *special* drinks too much LMAO!!!