Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Children's Bridge Hayride

Here are some pictures from the Hayride with our adoption agency.

Candace and Hope!

Shirley and Isabelle

Krista and Diane... Look at us Diane...chatting away with Joe in the background probably thinking.."Thank god I'm not in that conversation!!" LOL

The famous pollywog pond. (Yes, 1 kid did fall in!)

There's Penny doing her "thing" (and she's good at it too!)


Dianne said...

Hi Krista,great photos,it was certainly great seeing and chatting with you again..and what a thrill to finally meet miss Lily!!

Thank You sooo much for the SNOWSUIT,we Love it.I will post photos on my blog once i remember to get Joe to download them onto the computor.

Mama Of 2 said...

Look at Dianne and Krista chatting up a storm! LOL! Great, for you both like to talk Hahahahah