Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I've been tagged

How cool!! I've been tagged by the totally cool Heather
So after some careful consideration and some help from my BBF here's what I got:

4 Facts About Me:
1. I went to cooking school to become a chef. I'm NOT a chef!
2. My husband and I are highschool sweethearts, been together 22 years now..
3. I'm totally a Type A personality - big time!
4. I never measure when I cook - drives my BBF crazy!

4 Things I have discovered about myself:
1. I love my Rebel camera!! (now if I could just figure out how to use it)
2. I love blogging, who knew??
3. I can be own my own with my kids for 5 months and not go nuts while DH is away! again who knew??
4. I cannot be without my purses or shoes...I can't say how many I have...because the first step in admitting you have an addiction is being able to acknowledge it, and I'm NOT!

4 Things I Want to Do
1. My husband
2. Take a trip to Arizona with my BBF's Lu and Mary and visit my sister.
3. Make my old website (that was spammed so bad we had to take it down) from Lily's adoption and make it into a book.
4. Take a course on how to use my Rebel Camera!!

4 Habits / Obsessions:
But I decided to change this to Obsessions. Because I don't really have any habits...
1. My floors, especially my kitchen floor, I'll vacuum and wash that sometimes 3 times a day!
2. Coffee, I don't necessarily have to drink it, just like having one around all the time. Like a good friend.
3. I swear - A LOT - I have to constantly backspace, and delete ont his blog, because after I write something, I look at it and think, F*%&K Krista, you can't write that!
I've got SUCH a potty mouth!
4. Squirrels - I hate them! If they come into my backyard, I run out like a mad woman, shouting profranities at them. There is a long drawn out story to this...I'll see if I can get it off of the old website, but the short of it is that the buggers made a freaking 3 level condo in MY stuff that I had stored in Rubbermaid bins, on the 2nd floor of my barn, which is attached to my house, and it STUNK to high heaven!! It goes on...and on... with squirrel babies, feeding them by hand (not me)...kids mad...(cause I wanted to break its neck)...etc...ohhh god...

Well there are my 4 things......
I am going to tag:
Angela (but she has to wait till she is done my cake before posting!! LOL) and
I have to think about 2 more people, it's already 11pm, and I have to get jewerly making!


Mama Of 2 said...

LMAO! OMG in the 2 years I have known you it sounds just like you Hahah

BTW, dont tag me as it is too much thinking for me LOL!

Lisa and Doug said...

Fun post! I hate squirrels too! They are evil buggers.

LadyBug Journals said...

Too funny !!!
I hope the party goes well.
Have a great weekend.