Monday, June 25, 2007

Lily's Baptism

This weekend we had a beautiful baptism for Lily and everyone was invited back here for a lunch. The weather was wonderful and everyone had a great time!
Here are some photos of the day, I wish I had of taken a few more of the yard all decorated.

This is the beautiful cake that Angela made! The picture doesn't do it justice, I wish it was put against a better backdrop.

Frank put a chinese scroll up on our maple tree. A couple of people (and kids) wanted to know what it said. For all I know it is the Chinese Karma Stutra! LOL I said it was a poem about family!

The priest had everyone come up do the sign of the cross on her forehead, there must of been 40 people. She was great, letting everyone come up to her! We were laughing just waiting for her to put her hand on her forehead and so NO MORE!! Instead she took the red ribbon and wrapped it around her head and laughed!

Frank and Isabelle read "The Red Thread" proverb while Lily and I called all the children up to the front of the church and we walked the ribbon around all the kids.

Here's the guest of honour, waving to her "peeps" from the front of the church!

I had a huge smudge on the front of my camera lens and didn't notice it till yesterday! so all my pictures of the last 2 days are "blurry". I thought it was my eyesight. Even started to wear my glasses again! then I happened to look at the lens and noticed the huge smudge! Pretty bad!
I guess I am showing my age!
The girls and I are off to visit my mom for a few days. We'll be back late next week.
Till then....have a Happy Canada Day!!!


Lisa and Doug said...

Lily looks beautiful! Those cakes are absolutely amazing!

penny said...

Thanks for sharing! Love the pictures and the cake is STUNNING!!

Beverly said...

Love the red shoes.

the cakes look yummydelicious.


kris said...

What a wonderful celebration... Lily is beautiful and WOW to that cake!

LadyBug Journals said...

Wonderful. i am so glad it went well. Gosh, she looked beautiful and so did the cakes. Wow !
Have a great trip.

Jamie and Angela said...

Looks like a great time! I'm so happy that the weather turned around for you.

geminirn said...

HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!Hope you had a great trip.

Love the photos,glad all went welll....and THAT CAKE....BEAUTIFUL!!!

Headmeister said...

What a fabulous event - and that CAKE!!! Wowser!