Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Sorry I haven't posted in a bit! I've been SWAMPED with preparing for lily's baptism this weekend. I have 70 people expected on Saturday, including children. I am feeding all of them!

So, since I have a minute here at 10pm, let me fill you in...

The baptism is at 11:00am on Saturday, we're having a private one since Frank's uncle is the Priest! (It's who you know baby!!!)
We will have Lily's adoption video playing while people are arriving. Then during the "ceremony"
we have a long red ribbon (thanks to MaryEllen), and all the children will be invited up and Frank will read the Red Thread proverb and Lily and I will go around the kids and intertwine them with it, then Abigail and Isabelle will read a passage out of the book "A Pocket Full of Kisses" by Audrey Penn. (Thanks Penny for your suggestion, the girls REALLY wanted to recite it, but I wouldn't let them! LOL).
I would always give my girls a kissing hand whenever I sent them to preschool etc..

First I'll read: Mrs Raccoon placed Chester on the groud and smiled at him with the soft loving eyes he knew so well. "I think someone needs a Kissing Hand" she said in a voice that was warm and inviting. She took Chester's hand in her own and spread open his tiny fingers into a fan. Leaning over, she kissed him right in the middle of his palm. Chester felt the warmth of that kiss rush from his hand, up his arm, and into his heart. And when he pressed his hand to his cheek, he could hear his mother's words in his head. "Mommy loves you," they said "Mommy loves you."
then the girls read:
Every night, just before the sun goes down, it reaches out with its rays and touches every star in the universe. One by one, the stars light up and shine down upon us. Even on nights we can't see the stars, the're up there sparking away. No matter how many stars fill the sky, the sun will never run out of light, and its rays will never stop reaching out to them. That is the way it is with the Kissing Hands. When somebody loves you, their kisses are like the sun's rays - always there and always shining. No matter how many Kissing Hands mommy gives us she will never ever run out!

Then the actual "church-ie" part starts. It won't be long. Maybe 30 mins.

Then we all head back to my house for:
Couscous greek salad
Mesculin mix tossed salad with assorted dressings
Fresh baked whole wheat and white rolls
Pork tenderloin and
Chateaubriand (sliced thinly)
assorted mustards
big ass deli pickles (still am trying to find those).
Raspberry pie
Blueberry pie
triple layer chocolate cake
and this made by the VERY talented Angela

a 3 tier cake - mint green faundant, with white picket fence, but instead of those flower present things on top there will be ladybugs and lilies.
oh, and we'll have:
lots of beer
red (yum) and white (yuck) wine
and a water cooler

For the kiddies:
Pizza and fun ice cream treats. I figure they are NOT going to stand around and wait for salad and meat.
The kids have bubbles and skipping ropes and ribbon wands (for the older ones) and I have a ball house and little toys for the "babes in arms".

Now for the decorations:
I found this beautiful red iridescent material and am putting it all around my arcway leading into my backyard, and also around my porch entrance into my house.

I have red and gold hellium balloons on each fence post (6 in all) and the tables should be covered in red tablecloths (Mother in law is in Boston looking for some as I type).
We have a HUGE maple tree in the backyard, and we're hanging a chinese watercolor print that we got in china, it has chinese characters written down it, not sure what is says, but hey it looks cool. Knowing our luck it's probably chinese porn!

And I'm sending everyone home with a goodie bag filled with chinese candy, biscuits, tea, etc.. and a thank you card with this poem (which I found on the internet) on the left side:

and this picture on the right:

So, whatcha think?? Am I forgetting anything? Any sugestions?
We are prepared that if it rains, everything comes inside! But I won't be happy! I am trying to keep everyone OUTSIDE!
So here it is, now 10:36pm and I still have to make a braclet for Abigail's teacher for tomorrow morning, as its her last day of school. I already made Isabelle's teacher a beautiful necklace yeaterday! shit I should of taken a picture of it, I'll never be able to do it again, I'm sure it was a total fluke, seeing as it was 1am!!

Anyway, I have some spare time between 3:23am and 4:15am does anyone need anything done?


Mama Of 2 said...

OMG! Beautiful and look at that cake ~ gorgeous!!!

You are way too organized to be a friend of mine LMAO!

Looks good, good job girlfriend!

penny said...

Wow. You sure caught us up and then some!! Glad my poem was a hit, sorry it wasn't PC enough for church. :) If you get a chance take lots of pictures of the party. It sounds like it will be stunning! I can't wait to get Angela to make a cake for us. What a wonderfully talented woman!!

Enjoy your weekend. I hope it is sunny and beautiful.

Jamie and Angela said...

It's going to be awesome, Krista! Praying for no rain for you. I dare you to not cry when you are reading that passage during the ceremony!