Sunday, June 24, 2007

Impressions Photo Challenge

Heather, at Digging a Hole to China has started a photo challenge, we get a theme and post our impressions in still photos. I have been so busy with the baptism and first communion and the party that followed, that I couldn't devote as much attention to this challenge as I wanted.
However, I am already thinking about next months theme.
Here are my photos, this months theme was "I Love.."

"I love.."

My husband..he is so wonderful and caring.

My daughters...
The look in thier faces as they play in the water...pure love, pure innocence, pure joy!!

This picture is a bit different for the theme..When I look at this picture, it says so much to me.
Isabelle had just fallen into the water and Abgiail ran to her and pulled her out!
As soon as I took the picture..I thought..."they really love each other!"


kris said...

Beautiful! I loved doing this challenge..

Mama Of 2 said...

Beautiful Krista!


penny said...

Your girls are definitely treasures. How sweet they are together!

Lisa and Doug said...

Beautiful photos! Your girls are so amazing!

Jamie and Angela said...

Beautiful! I love the one where Lily is sticking out her tongue.

Headmeister said...

Krista - I had no idea you were participating until this very second!! Sorry I didn't comment sooner!

OMG - my favorite is the one where Abigail helped Isabelle... that captures my heart :)

Can't wait to see next months, girlie!

Kimber said...

Very well done!