Monday, June 11, 2007

New Look

update #2: I've changed it again!! (It must of been while you were posting Diane!)

update #1: I've changed the colors a bit, (as per your suggestions) lol, I wish I could be online with you guys as I change colors. I am terrible at this stuff!! LOL

....... after many many days, many questions, many drinks, and many many obscenities,
I've finally have made a new banner for my blog!

Now I need comments..suggestions and opinions.

Now how do you like it???


penny said...

Love the Black and White!! Very cool.

Sam said...

Love the black and whites, but you might want more color in the background. Otherwise, it's great!

Sam @ Just Keep Swimming

geminirn said...

Krista it is great......Love love love the black and white phots!!!!!

I also love the green undre it....well hell i guess i love it all!!!!!!

dianne said...

Nice......however i still liked that gave it that extra little kick....sorry!!!!It is still quite nice.

Sophie's Mom said...

Great job! Love the b&w!

Lisa & Pierre said...

I really like it too !


Lisa and Doug said...

Love the banner! It is so beautiful! I am looking so forward to keeping up with your blog now!