Saturday, June 16, 2007

Poem Help

Ok, I'm in a bit of a panic. Lily's baptism is on Saturday and I want to have her 2 older sisters read a poem during the service.
We are reading the Red Thread already, but I was looking for a poem on growing your family through adoption, sort of like Not flesh of my flesh, etc... But something more appropriate for the girls. (and nothing too long either!)
Can anyone out there help me with some suggestions?


Anonymous said...

How about an exerpt from the Velveteen Rabbit?
What is real?
Would cover what is a real family or a sister as those who are not touched by adoption always want to qualify what is real and how you get there.

penny said...

Krista, I keep checking for new posts and continue to see this one so I thought I should at least acknowledget that I'm out here blog stalking. Sorry, I got nothing for you. Well, that's a lie, I keep thinking "Here's a baby bottle, here's a sippy glass, my little sister is a pain in the _ _ _ !

Probably not one you're gonna use, eh?