Tuesday, September 9, 2008

After all of our paperwork was done, we went to the orphange to give our donation. Hanlin started to look nervous when we arrived there, and we had the guide explain to him we were there just to visit and then he would come back with us in the bus. He smiled and said Yes Yes.

It was a very nice visit. They allowed us to tour the area, but not take any pictures, of the staff or children but if a room was empty we were allowed to take a pic. The place was immaculate! they have doctors and nurses on staff, and bring in the children from affliated orphanges by buses for check ups.

It wasn't "state of the art" facilites, but what they did have served the purpose, and they had lots stimuli around for the children. We were very very impressed.

We found out a bit more about Hanlin. Since he was so healthy, we wasn't brought to the orpahnage very often. Actually, the director told us she really didn't consider him special needs. She said he is very very healthy, and isn't sure why he ended up on the list as his birth mark wasn't ever very bad. We also found out that he has been on the international list before, as a baby, they said it took a while before his file made it to the international and when it did, he wasn't choosen. GOOD FOR US! LOL

They even said they didn't understand why. He is so healthy and such a good boy. they said he always wants to please and loves to receive praise. Which is soo true!!

We haven't had to really say NO to him too often, and if we only have to very softly and gently, but firm, (look in his eyes) .

Umm....what else.....??? let me think.......

The foster mother loved him dearly, (obvioulsy) but didn't not qualify to adopt him. (too old, lower income and already have 1 child).

At the start of the tour, they had a little ceremony and gave each family a gift and wished us a happy life etc... and announced that we are now officially his parents.

He seems to be more drawn to Frank right now for things like going to the bathroom etc.. (YEAH) and tonight he had his first bath. He was very scared of it, so we bathed Lily first, and showed him washing her hair..etc.. and he nodded ok, so Frank gave him a quick bath. I would go in and smile or give the thumbs up sign and he would laugh.

He is in bed now, went right into the bed on his own after the bath, but started to whimper a second ago. Isabelle was lying with him but she got up and he started then. So Frank is lying with him right now.

We know he is frightened of the dark, and thunder and lightening. He loves toy cars, and stickers and peanut butter and jam sandwiches! lol He had 4 for supper tonight.

oh we went learned the hard way that if he has to pee, he has to pee NOW!! LOL We also learned to bring extra clothes with us from now on. LOL

Tomorrow we have until 2:30 free, so we're off first thing for breakfast then to the Antique market and ancient Culture street. (we've been there 4 times already) It is a long long street filled with little shops that have neat things for a really good price. the girls love it there and have bought a dress and a top not to mention a pile of other goodies.... LOL and would like to go back for more tops.


Mom to Lucy and Lisa said...

Sounds like he is settling in so nicely. I'm so happy for you guys!!

geminirn said...


Jamie and Angela said...

He is such a sweetie. What a great family picture of you all together!! I'm so glad that things are going well. What size is he wearing? I might have some outgrown things of Q's around here.

Trail said...

YAY! A male cousin who won't squeal, kick, or try to run away when I hug him! I didn't think one existed!
Delaney says "hi" and that she's really upset that she'll be in Washington when you come back.
Loryn says "hi" and wants to make sure that you guys take loads of pictures.
Casey: Just so you know, I'm expecting Abigail and Isabelle to teach me how to speak chinese when they get back. :) Give hugs to everyone for me and two to Hanlin!!
Granpapa dit qu'il va bien et qu'il espere vous voir bientot.
Mummy's not here to tell me what to say, but probably along the lines of "Hi, I hope you're having fun, etc..."
Oh, and Daddy wants some eggrolls.
Give lots of hugs to everyone, and have fun!!!

LadyBug Journals said...

Hi Krista and gang,
We love all the pictures ( esp. picture number one with all of you guys).
B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L looking family !!
Angela asked the question that I was wondering too, what size is he in right now ?
Thanks so much for sharing your journey. I love clicking online and seeing what's new every day.
Enjoy every second of your trip!

C&J Meaklim said...

What a special boy, he is beautiful and seems to have aa amazing personality.

What a blessing for your little family.

Congratulations! I'm so thrilled for you all.

Jill xx

Sheila said...

LOVE LOVE THE FAMILY PICTURE!! You all look wonderful, what a great picture!! It looks like you all have been together forever. I am not sure who looks prouder you or Frank! You both have a lot to be proud of- 4 are right there with you!! Congrats again! Hanlin is so so handsome. I am so glad he is doing so well!!

Can't wait to see you all together in person! No parties till we return form KAZ!!*LOL*We will need a very special bottle to celebrate!!

Sheila, Clarence and XiuZhu