Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hi everyone,
we had a very good day today. We are still watching lily like a hawk, if her temp goes any near 103 everyone starts to run for the advil. She has eaten almost nothing, but is drinking water.
Even the hotel staff are worried about her. LOL
We honestly cannot say enough good things about this hotel. absolutely amazing.
Cheryl and Barb had the executive sous chief sit with them at breakfast and made out a list of things to go see.
Today we went in seach of a stroller. What a difficult job. Most of you know what the silk market is like....
well, we went to a couple of building that had floors of stalls like the silk market, but was the low low low end version, very scary. It was soo bad. Isabelle was scared out of her wits and Frank had to take her and Lily home in a taxi, abigail was also frightened but stayed. We promptly left this place, buying a stroller onthe way out. (got it for 130 yuan) will buy another in beijing for hanlin.
This place was soo gross, it wasnt packed with people, but it was very dirty and in the china version of the rifle range in saint john, only worse, oh god very very worse. we high tailed it out of there,and went to the ancient cultual street. ohh much much cleaner, nice stalls, a bit tourist-y but not bad.
we stayed there for a while. we are heading back in the morning. this time with isabelle and lily as frank has a meeting at 8am and isn├Ęt expected to get home till supper.
his meeting is almost 2 hours away.
so its just us girls tomorrow. look out pocket book.
Here are some pics of our day.
we are planning it better tomorrow, because by 3pm we all start to stall..... and isabelle has been asleep for the night the last 2 nights at 6pm, then up waking me up at 4am.
Had a huge wind storm, that turned into heavy rain, and crazy lightening. we turned the lights out in the room and watched it.
thanks for all the comments We love reading them.
lu, could you please call Dad and see if gary can show him the blog and the pics. thanks
I now have a sore throat! Trying to kill it with 80 proof tequila that cheryl brought from arizona. Dont think its working but i think I now have a hole in my intestines! WOW this stuff burns!!!!


Mom to Lucy and Lisa said...

Hey! They cleaned up rifle range (and the rest they appear to be buring down!) LOL!!

Glad to hear you're having quite the adventure. We appreciate you taking the time to include us!! Take care and have a swig of that golden liqor for me too! :)

geminirn said...

Don't be comparing any filth to our beautiful,fresh air,people friendly city...lmao!!!

Glad to hear that you and lily have been able to venture out with the rest of the clan.How are B&C enjoying China????Hope Frankie's meeting goes well.

Thanks for the photos,they are great.looking forward to your next update.


Dana said...

Krista, I'm loving the blog! I happily stumbled upon it (ain't google grand??) - I never caught Lu at the right time for her to send me the link!

I hope Lily is feeling better, and that you are too. So exciting that you're picking up your little man soon! Can't wait to meet him!


Cdnmo22 said...

Glad to hear lily is feeling better. Did you not fly into Beijing when you arrived in China?

Happy shopping! I guess you have lots of room to bring things home this time around!

Trina & Tori said...

Hi Krista!!
So glad to read your blogs and see the pics!!! You sound like you are having quite the adventure--illness and all :D

All is well at your house...finally found Ranger. As usual she was hiding. Tori and I miss you and the girls tremendously!!!

Take care and have fun!!!!

Chris, Tammy and the gang! said...

Hi Krista,
It was nice to see pictures today! When is the BIG DAY? It has to be coming soon, right?! I'm so jealous that you are in China...I love it there!!!! Enjoy your time.


Just Us Girls said...

OMG!!!!!!! what was I thinking??! I thought you were leaving this week. I was way off!!!

I just went through and read all your posts...thanks for sharing:).
I hope Lily is on the mend and that you dont cath it!!!

I love all the pics!!! Can't wait to see Hanlin in the photos with his forever family!!!!!!!


LadyBug Journals said...

Hey Krista and gang,
Love the pics. Love the one of Lily at the top.
Is tomorrow (today) the day?
He gets a new family soon.
I wonder if he's getting nervous?
I can't see if you posted when you are you coming in to the airport with date and time.
I want to make sure that we are there with bells on .....

lisa said...

Love the pics! I hope you and Lily are feeling better before the big day!
Lisa, Dave and Shai

Louise said...

thank you for sharing this absolutely amazing adventure- everyone must be sooooo excited to meet Hanlin
plants are watered, mail in, Bear is in... Bear is out..., I was patting Ranger the other day Trina and I are in sync maintaining your home-
hi 'n hugs to one and all
love Louise

Sheila said...

Are the D girls still out shopping!!?*LOL* Hope the day went well and Miss Lily is feeling better.How about Momma's throat did the 80 proof work?

Loved the pictures, thanks so much for taking the time to share them!!

Will check back later, off to the zoo with the M girls!

Take Care