Sunday, September 7, 2008

We once again couldn't post last night. It's got nothing to do with china, but everyting to do with this computer.

Yesterday, Eric, the exceutive sous Chef at the Hyatt took all of us out on a tour. We had a great time and got some amazing pictures.

Here are very strange looking fish. They told us that they are naturally this color, however we think that they are feed something to look like that.
We went to the textile market, which was also the material market. cheryl wanted some silk, so she picked some up there. I picked a pair of shoes for Lily and a fall coat for me.

By the tianjin tower, the girls went into this bubble thing. They had a blast and got ride of lots of energy! LOL

Now, Cheryl has taken advantage of our breakfast buffet every day to try something new. So Barb and I decided that we should get pictures of an average breakfast for her. Abigail seems to be keeping up to her. LOL and Isbabelle isn't too far behind.

Plate #1

Plate #2
and Plate 4
Plate #5

A tour boat going on the Hai river... view from the Hyatt.

along the waterfront last night.

Tomorrow is Hanlin day!! Actually its 3:06pm here and we're already home from the orphanage. ....... I'll post more soon....... hee hee.....

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geminirn said...

Great pictures,Barb seems to like her I all looks yummmyyyy!!!!