Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I have time for a very quick update.... I'm am procrastinating vacuuming!

Hanlin is doing great! Obviously we all have adjustments to make, however all in all I have to say things are going very smoothly.

I don't think he is using his Chinese very often any longer, even though we use Chinese words, and encourage him to use it also, but he seems to be using broken (almost baby talk) Chinese and bits of english. He already knows, "all done, bye, hello, pee, thank you"
Lily has decided to take it upon herself to help teach him. So she has developed this new language and he repeats it with her! "coo cu lup wiwi" Over and over again!! There are a couple other phrases she repeats too. Poor guy, doesn't have any idea!

He loves to be outside!! LOVE LOVES LOVES it.

The bigger girls started school today, and Lily will start preschool on Monday, Hanlin will follow suit the following Monday.


Sampsons said...

Great pics!
Glad to see he has the important ones down... Wen's list is similar: bye, pee, more, puppy and belly. That's hilarious about Lily teaching him, my guys haven't thought of that yet, though they prefer to use the three or four Mandarin words they think they know from KaiLan than any real English words.

Good luck with the start of school.


geminirn said...

Great seeing the photos of all four of them together and all with their big smiles.

It was great chatting today and hoping to see you soon(with hopfully a few pairs of paints for the poor boy).

hugs to all!!

Chris, Tammy and the gang! said...

hi Krista,
I'm glad to hear things are still going nice that the weather has been great and the kids can be outside! Hanlin is such a little cutie...we have to get together sometime soon and let the boys and girls play together!!!

Talk soon,

Anonymous said...

Hey matante Krista!
I'm sure the cousins are thrilled to be back in school... ;)
I'm happy that Hanlin's doing well! Are you guys going to come down and visit any time soon or are you gonna wait a bit longer?
The family says "hi!"

Just Us Girls said...

Great pictures!!! and what a BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!

So glad the transition is going well. He is one handsome young boy! :)


my3 kids said...

awe love it. He is so cute and we are so so happy for you all. Congrats again!!