Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hi everyone! sorry I couldn't post yesterday. Blogger wasn't playing nice.
Let me tell you about yesterday.
First we went on a boat tour up and down the Hai River in Tianjin. Our hotel is sitting right along the river. It's really nice, with people out doing Tai chai, and fishing and swimming every morning at 6am.
It is actually illegal to swim and fish in the river, but you can see the police fishing too. LOL
the tour was about 40 mins long and was picturesque. It was a good way to get pics.
Everyone is so friendly here. Always smiling at us and helping us.
At times though Lily finds it overwhleming because people will notice that she is Chinese and try to touch her or talk to her. But they get very close to her. She will grunt at them, and shake her head no!! LOL
She is definatley feeling better. More energy, etc..
She wants to say hi to Max!... so "Hi Max from Lily! LOL play in my sand box with your mom. Max play with my bears cause your not in China with me. I going China cause Lily is allowed China." That was a direct quote from her!! What a riot!

So afer our boat tour, we went to a resturant that is famous for dumplings. We ate soooo much. Lu, some were the same that you make, but others were loaded with celery or fennel. Hard to know what your ordering. Hee But it was all so good.
We also had other dishes, one was like "meat on a stick" except that is was fish and meat. In a hot sauce. another was a veggie dish that had cukes (peeled) and fish eggs in a vinegar sauce. Honestly this was soo good. The girls are such troopers, trying everything.
After that we walked to the Tianjin Park, about 10 mins away. We played around there for about 1/2 an hour and then headed back to the hotel for 4pm where we meet Cheryl and Barb. I will have Barb write about thier day. they went to an open air market and a hutong tour. Barb got incredible pictures.
Cheryl picked up some fresh baked moon cakes. Still with bizzare fillings.
We all meet back here and went out together for a walk along the river and to the shopping centre across the street to take some pics.
Lu, you should see this place. It is about 7 stories high filled with top top designer names, NOT KNOCK OFF, Tommy, Prada, and a bunch that I have never heard of... Gustav some one...
I tried to take pics for you, but got in trouble. LOL I did get one in though. LOL I will go back again and try to take some more.
*** oh, Frank just left for a jog. He has been jogging along the waterfront every morning.**
Umm.. Let me see what else did we do... Oh at the bottom of this department store is a little supermarket, where we've been buying our food. so we stocked up on more water and yogurt, juice, bread..etc..
None of us wanted to fo out for supper, so we had peanut butter and jam sandwiches with yogurt, juice, asian pears.
It was perfect. LOL

We switch hotels tomorrow, and head off for the Civil Affairs office.
For some reason, we are unable to reply to e-mails, I (think) I can still send them, for a while I wasn't able to and my address book was not visable.
I AM getting ALL the messages,
So.. I'll say Hi here....
I am VERY EXCITED and HAPPY for one of my good friends. You who you are.. and we'll chat later!!!!

Trail!! We are so happy that your following along. I bought all of you a braclet, kinda like the last one, except this one has Olympic rings braided on it. Please make sure youshow Papa the blog and pictures.
Would you like a scroll with your name on it? The girls got one each and they are the most beautiful ones I have ever seen. You can get it in multi colors or in purlple or red.. etc.. and you can have it in letter writing or in chinese characters. Let me know and I'll try get some for you and your sisters.

These fellows were playing little drums that are played in the Beijing Opera. For little druns they were very loud!! LOL

ahh split pants......
The Losier Girls!! Still not arrested!! LOL
Isabelle was running around taking pictures.

Along the Hair River tour.

At the Tianjin Park

Boat tour again.
Today we have a free day... meaning no real plans...The Executive Sous chef had reccomended some places to go and to eat today. So we are calling him at 8am, to get more info.
We'll also go back to ancient culture Street. That is where we have been shopping. the girls would like some dresses. They are just beautiful. I bought a blouse there for 100 yuan.
and an outfit for Lily and Hanlin.
Hoepfully Frank will be back from his run soon, and we'll all head out for breakfast. Amazing food. Really just Amazing food. god I love this hotel.
Oh, the chef also found cheryl and I a hand hammered wok. cheryl bought 2 and I got 1.
They are hard to find, and usually can only be found in the smaller villages where theyare still being made. We are soooo happy!!
LOL although we may have to leave Frank behind due to weight restrictions on my luggage. !!
7:02am here and we have to get ready for breakfast.
Abigail is limping yesterday and today because of her knee. I think a lot of walking on pavement isn't the best for your legs. We'll look into getting a masage on it if it continues. We can't have her slowing us down. LOL Actually she would be very upset if she had to slow down.
Talk later....


geminirn said...

Thanks for the update krista,sounds like all is well and everyone is enjoying this journey.

We are enjoying all the great photos,they are fantastic!!

Take care and looking forward to your next update.

Hugs Dianne,Joe and Meaghan

Jamie and Angela said...

Great pictures, glad to hear that you are having such a good time and getting in some good shopping!

lisa said...

Hi Dolan family! We LOVE reading your updates and it is so nice to see everyone out and about! We can't wait for Hanlin to be with you all!!!
Lisa, Dave and Shai

Sheila said...

What great pictures! What a beautiful country!!Glad to hear you all are doing well and have been soaking up al the culture and of course shopping! I can'nt wait to try a meal cooked in that new wok!!!

Have fun and can't wait wait for your your monday post!!!


XZ is standing here saying hello Lily!!

Just Us Girls said...

Awesome pictures and update!!! Tianjin is beautiful!!

Can't wait to see your post tomorrow morning!!! All the best..
Carrie, Kayli and Mya

Anonymous said...

Hey Krista!
I'll show papa your blog later today ok?
Oh, I know what you mean when you're talking about the scrolls with our name on it. Our dad had one for each of us made by a chinese man in New Orleans.
Have fun on therest of your trip!!

Darrel and Karen said...

Looks like you guys are having an amazing trip so far, the pics are great. I know what I will be doing first thing tomorrow am... Looking forward to seeing Hanlin with you.

Karen, Darrel and Miss B

LadyBug Journals said...

Love the pics .....
Can't wait to see the ones tomorrow :)
Andrea, JP and the kids