Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Camera crews awaiting the arrival of the Dolans! haa yeah right!

trying desperatly to sleep on the plane. Did not work.

I deleted these pics by mistake this morn.

After reading the last post again, I realize maybe I should of re-read or else gotten more sleep. Wow lots of spelling errors. This keyboard also is a french keyboard and when I try to make an apostrophe it gives me È or è or for a question mark is Éé too. grr. Thankfully Jeff made us a cheat sheet to get rid of it, but when your typing quick you forget it.

Lily update...

we have decided to start her on amoxil. the advil and tylenol mix took the fever down, and she is exhausted. she wouldnèt eat any breakfast at all because she was so tired. so Frank brought her up to the room, while we ate, and she is still sleeping now. its been over 2 hours now and everyone else is going out. Im sticking here with her, and going to order some congee and tea for lunch maybe I can get her to eat when I get her up. I really want her to get onto this time. But she is having a hard go of it. Not sure what to do. I want her to sleep beacuase she is sick, but I also want her to get onto this time zone.


geminirn said...

Poor lily,hope she feels better soon.She is my kind of flyer though...wide awake...hehe!
Love the great photos,expecially the one of the Dolan fan club.
Keep the post coming girl,they are great!

Mom to Lucy and Lisa said...

Glad to hear the fever is coming down. I hope everyone is doing better this morning/evening. Take care all!! Love the pictures! Keep 'em coming!!

Cathy said...

So great to see Hanlin and the girls together. Love the picture of he and Lily together with their back packs. Looks like he has adapted very well to his 3 big sisters, Mom and Dad and his aunt. Looking forward to following along!Take care.

Warmest regards,
Cathy Murphy