Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hi everyone
we're still here! Honest!! We arrived i Beijing yesterday afternoon, however at 2am the day we were to leave, Frank ended up with wicked travellers runs and vomiting!!! I told him NOT to drink the water.... So we had a very stressful and tiring day yesterday. We had to take the trian from Tianjin to Beijing, and with my pake mule veing sick, the kids and I had to double up on the luggage. Man those kids are troopers. I don't know who Frank made it without passing out. Sheer will power for sure!! He feels good tonight, but it took him a full 24 hours to re-coup.

Tomorrow we're off to the Great Wall. So I'll post pics later tomorrow night.
Trail... we are going to the Olympic venues on Wed or thurs. We'll take pics for you.

Other than Frank, we are all doing alright, Lily is starting with a cold now. go figure!
The big girls are sleeping with their aunts tonight for a treat, Frank is sharing the king bed with Lily and Hanlin and I get the cot in the livingroom. (which I'm quite happy about) No kids kicking me!

Hope everyone is well.


geminirn said...

Hi gang,glad to hear Frank is feeling better and you are all now safely together in Beijing.

Looking forward to seeing photos and hearing all about your great Wall adventure.

sleep well and hope lily is feeling better by morning.

Take care,have fun and big hugs from your SJ fan club.

Susanne McFadzen said...

Hi all,
I started to wonder what was happening,
since you didn't post yesterday.
Hope everyone is on the mend.
What is happening with the medical?
Any news on that end?
Is there anything happening for Moon festival in Beijing ?

Take care

Mom to Lucy and Lisa said...

How cool to visit the Olympic venues!! Can't wait to see pics of that!! Hope everyone is feeling better. Poor Frank!

We were in China last year for the Autumn Moon Festival. We discovered that the tradition in CQ was to go to the Holiday Inn and buy Moon Cakes. I tried to get a form to make moon cakes and our guide said "moon cakes are made in factories" LOL!! I guess some traditions just aren't meant to be!!

Sheila said...

Well Mr Frank I hope you are om the mend!! Glad to hear you all made it back to Beijing. Hope your cot is cozy and you get some much need rest!

Louise is keeping me out of trouble and making sure I stay grounded!

Take Care

Just Us Girls said...

Glad to hear Frank is on the mend and that you all arrived @ Beijing safely!!!!
Hope Lily wakes up fine for you in the AM.

Looking forward to seeing some photos of the Great Wall and how cool about getting to see the Olympic venues..

Take care,

Mom to Lucy and Lisa said...

Love the pictures!! Cool to see Lily. She was our guide with Lucy.

Jamie and Angela said...

Awesome pictures, glad Frank is feeling better. Hope you had a nice Moon Festival!