Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Long Lost Aunties!! For some reason this family wanted thier picture taken with the girls. They actually chased us down calling us!

Lily and her bew best friend! and Guide Lily with her new best friend! LOL

2 little crazies in the Forbidden City
this was one mean and big bug!! It must be an Imperial Bug!

hi y'all

today was T square day and also the forbidden city. Cheryl took Isabelle and Abigail and went off on thier own, and then Frank and I and the two little ones also went off. We wanted to look around the sides of the Forbidden city, not just through the centre as we did that before. We had a nice walk and there wan't too many people were we went and were able to go inside some of the buildings and the kids were able to run around a lot more. We weren't afraid of loosing them.

Barb stayed at the hotel as she was very tired.

We tried to get to the silk market after the Forbidden city, but just as we got there, Isabelle's stomache started to cramp and after 1 trip to the squatty potties, we made a mad bus ride for home. I'll go to the pearl market instead tomorrow while Frank takes the little ones to the Aquarium. That is more up his alley and I need another suitcase!! the only things i have left to buy are some DVD's and a suitcase. Not bad!

I'm sure I'll end up with more.. I would like to find something different for Gary Young and Jeff Morgan! But it's hard to find something for guys.. even frank hasn't gotten anything.

So unless boys you want a purse.....then...well....your SOL! hee hee

Abigail now has a cold, and Isabelle is feeling a bit better, but still has some little stomache issues. Frank has started taking Immodium because his stomache has gotten back to normal yet. I'll be glad to get everyone home and healthy!!

I had the most exciting thing happen tonight to me!!! I needed to go to the supermarket and our guide Lily offered to take me there ON HER BIKE!! I GOT TO RIDE ON THE BACK OF A BIKE IN BEIJING!! I was soo excited, you have no idea how badly I've always wanted to ride a bike in Beijing!!!

Lily took out her electric bike and I just about peed with delight! I hopped on first then she started to peddle. What a task to sit sideways on a little steel bag rack, (one that we would put our backpack on) and not wobble. she said if I stayed really still that it didn't bother her balance. She said "If you don't move, you like a box". "Boxes don't move"! Believe me, I wasn't moving! I was too worried about getting my feet caught in her wheels..

I did get the hang of it, and even was able to wave at people going by staring at me! "hey look at the crazy white lady on the bike!" I had a blast!! Barb has got pictures.


Mom to Lucy and Lisa said...

LOL!! Can't wait to see you on the bike! How cool!!

You're almost home now!! Your own bed. Your own toilets. :) Everything sure sounds like an adventure!!

geminirn said...

YOU CRAZY NUT!!!!!!Oh that is what i love about you...not affraid of a little adventure....lmao!!!!can't wait to see the photos!!!

Hope everyone gets a good nights sleep and is feeling better in the morning,looking forward to hearing from you all again soon.

hugs to all!!!

Erin said...

oh that's so awesome!! I just thought that you might be keeping the blog up to date so I'm just getting to read all your exciting news now! I cannot wait to meet little Hanlin and see you guys again. You are such an inspiration to me, I do hope you realize that... Hope you are all doing well, bigs hugs to everyone!


LadyBug Journals said...

I wanna see the pics of you on the bike...
You are having a great time, aren't you ?
When are you coming back?
Weather was beautiful today here in the city.
Time to come back and see the fall colors surface ....
JP,Andrea, Ben and Alycat

Jamie and Angela said...

I can just picture you on that bike! Good thing you are little! I'm getting excited for you guys to come home so we can meet Hanlin!

Anonymous said...

What great pictures and comments! It has been wonderful to share this journey with you. Just thought I'd let you know that Mom has also been following along, reading the blog and checking out the pictures. She asked me to tell you that she hasn't been able to reply yet, (not that technically competent) but she reads everything!

We can't wait to have you home and meet Hanlin. See you on Sunday!

The Hoglunds and Nanna and Grampie Dolan.

Sheila said...

I SOOOOOOOOOO CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THOSE PICTURES!!! What a great time you must of had!! I am somewhat envious!!

Well your journey is at the final part. In ways I am sad to see this end,but can't wait to meet Mr H in person and see you all.

Take Care