Monday, September 15, 2008

This Blog is being posted by Barb, Krista's sister. Krista and Frankie have left my sister Cheryl and me in charge of the kids. They promised they would be back. Well as you can see Krista and Isabelle and I went to the Silk Market today. We purchased 8 purses. Krista was in purse heaven. She actually talked me into buying a Chanel purse. Anyone who knows me will realize that this was quite a feat. Krista wanted me to post the above pictures and ask Erica, Mary and Lu to pick which Todd purse they wanted. (unless they want the purse in the first 2 photos)(no guarantees that she will actually let you have them, she has been parading around saying how beautiful she looks in each and every one of them. So if you want one I suggest you e-mail her quickly. )She bought 1 red and 1 orange. She also bought the colourful Chanel purse. The others are mine and for my friends. I asked the clerk if she had any Chanel purses and she quickly hauled out a brochure from under her desk and had me duck behind some suitcases to quickly scan it. Whenever a silk market security guy would go buy she would quickly hide the brochure and say shhh. Then she brought us down into the basement to show us garbage bags full of purses and the bartering started. I think we got a great deal as I went on-line and found out a real Chanel purse sells for appros. $2250 US. We got ours for 36 US Replicas can go for about 50-200 US.

We are going to drag Cheryl with us (literally drag her) to the Silk market to buy maybe a few Kate Spades and some Prada.

I hope everyone home is happy and healthy but not to wet. The weather here has been wonderful. Smoking hot almost every day. But what is unusual is that we are not getting sunburnt. I think that the pollution is too thick for the ultraviolet rays to get us. Although we do have blue skies.

Cheryl and I arrived in Beijing on September 8th, 5 days earlier than Krista and her troop. Thought they would enjoy some family time without have 3 mothers telling the kids what to do and not to do. Cheryl "my tour guide" took me on a whirl wind tour of Beijing. We saw every temple in Beijing I think. But at the end of every tour, if I was a good girl, she would allow me to shop a little. We have been travelling by bus and subway. I was a little nervous about the subway, but Cheryl said, "No problemo, just follow me, truuuuussst me!" I trusted her and I can honestly say that she is an excellent guide. Equipped with just a few books a couple of maps and a Mandarin chinese dictionary she was able to get us around Beijing (occasionally charades played into the directions) I was very impressed. We only got lost once, ending up back at the hotel 2 hour later than expected. But when we were lost we saw about 50 kites flying in the night sky all lit up with lights. We would never have seen these unless we got lost. We actually got on 2 wrong subways and 2 wrong buses. But it was all part of the fun.

Yesterday we all climbed the Great Wall of China. Krista, Lily and Hanlin made it halfway as the climb g0t too steep for her to continue with the kids. She decided to stay behind so the rest of us could continue up to the very top that we were allowed to climb. But of course, Cheryl and Frankie, being the explorers they are, decided to step over the No Visitors sign, climb over the wall and climb down an 8-10 foot vertical fall and continue on through to the unrestored section. But being the cautious and law abiding citizen that I am I decided to wait with Isabelle and Abigail for the two criminals to return. It took us an hour to climb up to the top, but only 15 minutes to run down. At some points were were actually climbing vertically, it was very hard but what a view!!! Look out you golfer buddies I will actually be able to walk all 18 holes now and won't need a cart on the back nine. Cheryl has me quite buff now.

Tomorrow we will be going shopping at the pearl market, silk market and someother market, that I am sure I can spend money at. Tomorrow evening we will be attending an acrobat show.

Food was quite an issue for Cheryl and I before we left for China. We were very nervous about what we were going to eat. But it hasn't been a problem at all.

My tour guide Cheryl found a fondu (Hot Pot Paradise) restaurant for the two of us. We had a great meal of lamb, beef, mushrooms and purple okra. I, of course, found McDonalds a few times. Today Krista ,Isabelle and I had some hawaiian pizza at Sarpinos pizza place. It was very good, (or I was very hungry).

That's all for now from the Sisters.

Hi Papa we miss you very much. I hope you are feeling well and I will see you when I get home.

Love Barbie

Remember we can't send any e-mails, but we can receive them through Krista's e-mail. We check them every day and love to hear from all of you at home.


Mom to Lucy and Lisa said...

Ooohhh...I like the pink Channel!! We didn't have any time for shopping on our second trip. :( Two hours at the silk alley was it. I was so sad! Next time we need more time in Beijing!!! Looks like you all are having a great time. Love the update Barb!!!

Dana Neumann said...

Ooh, that red purse is absolutely DIVINE! Krista, I'll fight Lu and Erica for it, LOL. :)

Have fun the rest of your trip - we're all living vicariously through you!

geminirn said...

Just who are those hot mamma's modelling all those lovely purses!!!!

GREAT POST BARB!!!!!loved reading this post and love the photos.Wow!!You guys sound like your having a blast...what a trip of a life time huh??
Looking forward to yournext post(doesn't matter to me who types! We love them all.

Big Hugs to All!!!
p.s. how has Hanlin made out with the poop??????

Kendra Stiles said...

I'm with Dana - if there's an extra one of the red purses - I'll gladly buy it from you!!!

Krista - you make a wonderful model! Love the poses!!!

Lisa said...

OMG!!! I remember sooo fondly...those purses!!!!!!!!!! Simply heaven, so jealous right now..LOL!!!

Lisa, Dave and Shai

Anonymous said...

Don't worry matante Barbie, I believe that beautiful music came out when you played. You should buy one and then entertain us when you get back. ;)
Papa's doing good, and Delaney's on the plane to Washington right now.
The pearl market looks cool and the great wall looks amazing!
Tell Abigail and Isabelle that they're the luckiest girls ever!
When are you guys back home?

Just Us Girls said...

Krista, what a model you are!!! The purses are beautiful!!!

Great post Barb!! and some great photos!!

Sounds like all are having a blast!! and everyone is doing well:).

Carrie W.

Sheila said...

Well you know me I love ALL the purses! Great job shopping you guys!!!
The pictures are wonderful and you all look like you are having a wonderful time! Krisa your sisters are more than welcome to come to KAZ! Come on ladies,It will be a great adventure!!!

1 week today our journey begins!!! Best try to get everything packed, I think Louise thinks I have shopped to much!!

Thanks so much for posting !
Take Care!