Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Today we had a full day of paperwork. We would take a bus from one spot to another, about 20 mins to 1/2 hour each ride. Then between some appts, we had an hour or 2. It made for a long day, however, we stopped for lunch and with the 2 hour break we went to the "shopping area". Our guide told us about a "hair accessory" store, like Clairs, every thing in it was 2 yuan. (Less than 60 cents each). The girls went nuts! LOL So did I actually. Hair elastics were on my list to buy here, they have some real different ones. So I was very happy and bought a bag full for 78 Yuan. (11.00).
We also found MY Starbucks! and I finally got a vanilla latte. We bought 4 Starbuck bears, that are all dressed up for the olympics! the girls all collect them back in fredericton at christmas etc... and I thought they just HAD to have these ones. I think they were the most expensive things we bought here so far!! LMAO

This is outside of where we ate our lunch. The kids of course climbed whatever they could!!
We had dumplings.

these 2 LOVE thier backpacks. they carry them everywhere. I love it.
Lily decided to put on a "show" in the front of this building! swinging her arms around and dancing a jig!! LOL

This thing is burning hot and they put Lamb Kebobs on it to cook.

This fellow had a pile of dough in his hand, and with a long sharp knife he would make quick cuts in the dough and make long noodles that would fly from the dough into a large pot of boiling (brown) water. I assume it was beef broth.

The girls insist on pushing the strollers whenever they can. Every here keeps commenting on how great they are and helpful and beautiful.

this Morning our windows in the hotel were cleaned! the kids were so excited to see this guy!! the poor fellow didn't know what hit him! Flashing cameras and 2 crazy little ones jumping at the window!! LOL
On the bus between appts.

He loves loves loves to be cuddled, kissed.. He ALWAYS wants to hold your hand. Mine,Frank or the girls!! Doesnt' matter.


Anonymous said...

From the pictures, it looks like Hanlin fits right into your awesome family. My eyes are brimming as I read your posts. Give the girls a hug from Sage.

Krista McG

Mom to Lucy and Lisa said...

What awesome big sisters - but you knew that already!!

geminirn said...

Once again great photos!Love seeing all four of them together,Hanlin looks like he has just always been there.

Frank and Krista You must feel so proud when you see how gentle,kind and loving the big girls are with the little ones.

Hugs The Mahoney's
p.s. what size is Hanlin into????

Lisa said...

Love the pics!!!
Lisa, Dave and Shai