Monday, September 15, 2008

Barb on the Great Wall, she is still smiling so it must be at the beginning of the climb!
Frank....On top of the WORLD!!!
Cheryl going past the no visitors allowed section
The criminal coming back

just some pics from our day at Bei Hai park

Krista and girls on their trek up the Great wall. This was taken with my camera held straight and vertical
Frank noticing how tight Cheryl's butt is.

Cheryl at her second tea ceremony, and afterwards 5 pee visits to squatty potties
Barb enjoying some fondu. She is crouching down so as not to miss her mouth with the chopsticks. I think she had more on her white pants than in her mouth.

Barb once again attempting chopsticks, she is actually getting better. Some food made it to her mouth.
Cheryl trying something slimy and chewey. Glutinous rice with some nutty/sesame filling, it was very good.
Or at least Cheryl thought so. This is Abigail puking her gultineous goo.

Cheryl in heaven enjoying the local music. At least until the lady on the right starting screaching something like.... Oh my, mymymy, someone is grabbing my....... She sounded like a couple of cats fighting. Cheryl did not want to leave in the middle of this performance as she thought it might be rude, so she sat and smiled pretending to enjoy her singing and she even clapped at the end. Isn't she a polite girl.
Bartering at the pearl market.
Barb's attitude on day 3 was seen one temple, seen them all. Here she is sitting outside the bell tower waiting for Cheryl to fill her boots.
This was St. Joseph's Catholic church.
Dad, Cheryl even tried to go in to attend church,,,,,, but the church was closed. She was 1 hour late, like usual late for church.

Cheryl trying her hand at playing the Arehoo (phonetical spelling). The man freaked out when she actually tried to play it, he kept saying booya, booya. Then he illustrated that she should just pose and not play. That is why she is laughing.
Barb understood what he meant, but when she started playing, beautiful music appeared and everyone was awestruck.(btw this is still Barb blogging)

She even stopped to smell the roses.


geminirn said...

LMAO!!!!!!!OH YOU CRACK ME UP!!!!!Love all the great photos and yet another great post!!!!

hope your all having a great sleep,looking forward to hearing from you guys in the morning!

Lisa said...

You guys sure are getting some awesome pics. We are loving your blog!

Lisa, Dave and Shai

Sheila said...

GREAT PICS!!Thanks so much again for the journey!