Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Here are some pics of our day today....

The more you squish him, the better!
Peanut butter sandwiches have been our saving grace, as there are NO resturants around here.

He loves his thumb!!
Scaring the neighbour children!! LOL

Today we had a free day. We were supposed to meet our guide in front of the Cultural Street to check on some paperwork, but we waited in the hot sun for over an hour with 4 very hungry kids and no one showed up. So we went back to the hotel. We meet her here soon after and the paper work was correct anyway.

If anyone from Children's Bridge is reading this, or if someone could possibly e-mail them as mine doesn't work....
We were just told that Hanlin doesn't need a medical done in Beijing because of his visa? Is this true? We thought that in order to get into Canada he had to have a medical. We have no problem skipping this, as we all know how "medical" the medical is.. LOL
But we thought we would try to double check.
If some one could e-mail me from CB that would be great.


Susanne McFadzen said...

I contacted CB about the medical.
they will get back to me
(Cathy is out of the office)
or contact you directly asap.

Have a good night


Mom to Lucy and Lisa said...

How interesting about the medical. Last year coming home with Lisa all they did was mark her on a growth chart. No blood. No nothing. She was a little raspy so it was good to get that checked out but it was really nothing. Wouldn't surprise me if they did away with it in that respect but on the other hand, the government loves their rubber stamps. :)

Love today's pictures. Oh I love Canon. LOL!! The kids look like they're having fun. Sorry to hear your guide didn't show up. :( Very disappointing.

Take care. LOVE checking in every day!!

geminirn said...

LOVE ALL THE PHOTOS!!!!The kids look like they were enjoying the relaxing day.

Is lilly still your guide?????she must have gotten lost........she is a cute little thing though isn't she.

Well hope you here back from CB soon,have a good nights sleep.

Hugs to you all!!!!

Chris, Tammy and the gang! said...

If you are going teh new route - Canadian citizenship right away - you do NOT need the medical in china. If you are going the old route - Permanent Resident then you definitley need to do the medical. Canadian Immigration rules, not your agency's.

Pics today are great!!! Talk soon,

Just Us Girls said...

Love, love all the pics!!!! Everyone is looking so happy :) and Hanlin is so handsome!
What a beautiful family you have Krista!!!

Thanks for all the great posts!!


Ma Family said...

Hi Krista,

Isn't it wonderful having a boy after having 3 girls? I am glad your family is having a great time. Stay safe & give your son a big hug & kiss from all of the Dianjiang families. Congrats Frank & Krista & Girls!

Diane Ma
Kyle's Mom ~ California

Dana Neumann said...

Hey Dolans!

I love the Canada shirt that Hanlin is wearing, and the pic of Lily on the sidewalk - she looks so carefree! Glad to see you all are still having a great time.

And those food/traffic signs?! OMG, too funny!

Thanks so much for keeping us all updated on this side of the world - I almost feel like I'm there with you!