Tuesday, September 16, 2008

gosh, My posts are quite boring compared to Barb's!!

Today we headed off to the 3 main "shopping markets" the Silk Market, The Pearl Market and some other one that I can't remember the name of!

Bought another couple of purses and 3 pairs of shoes. Isabelle bought a pair too. The 2 older girls got a "abercom" sweater each and I picked up some gifts for people and for myself.
I haven't finished yet...almost, but not quite, so I have to go back on thursday.

Isabelle has a cold and Abigail is starting one. The air conditioning in the room isn't helping them either.
Good news on the poop!! Hanlin had one!! YIPEEE
Frank and Hanlin went to breakfast early yesterday and the girls and I went down later. So they came back up to the room alone. He actually went to Frank and told him he needed to go. TWICE!! Poor kid was full up to the top! LOL

Thanks for all the suggestions. We had tried them all! I guess he needed some quiet time. I think thata it was a control issue, but also an issue of never having to do this on his own. I can't tell you enough how spoiled this little guy was!!
Poor thing had a rude awakening today! He got to see how mad mom can get, and in public no less!
He had been teasing Lily off and on for hours... and finally at the Silk Market he tried to pull her stuff doggie out of her hands (after being told no) she gave a shout, and a push back, then he tried to spit on her, and instead spit all over Frank!! Well, HOLY DEAR GOD! I went ballistic!
He went into time out on the steps in the market, meanwhile, 2 sales clerks were scolding me for scolding him, and then they went to go and comfort him! OH NO YOU DON"T,, I grabbed the arms of the girls and told them NOT to touch him!! and pushed them away. ohh man were they not happy with me for putting him into time out! What a freaking scene!!
Frank took the little ones out of the market after that and went to get a bite to eat and I finished my shopping! He tested us all day with Lily... to the point where Frank, who is "mr.patience" had to have a beer at 11:00am! He said it was "one of those mornings" haa
But by 3pm he was soo much better, just a joy! He really needs his boundaries, and I think he appricates that. He was never told no, so he doesn't know what is appropriate or not. If he ripped something, or broke a toy, they laughed and smiled at him. Good or bad behaviour he was rewarded the same.

Tomorrow we're off the T square, and the Forbidden City. I would like to finish there and head off to the Olympic Venues. We haven't been able to get there and it's not on the list of things to do. So if we want to go we'll have to take the city bus from the Forbidden City.
Don't have any pics of today.. I have to get some pics of the new purses and post them.
In one stall, I actually "fell" into a pile of D&G purses...I thought I was in heaven!!


geminirn said...

Stick too your guns krista,while we were in China a couple of families joined us during our second week,they both adopted 4yr. olds(one a girl the other a boy),the boy had been very spoiled by the nannies(apparently this is quite common with boys) and was spitting and peeing any where he felt(said the Dad),they had to be firm and nip it in the butt right away also.

Glad to hear that everyone is enjoying the shopping,I'm sitting here green with envy over you being at the pearl market(we were in walking distance and could go a couple of times a day),I "LOVED IT THERE".

Looking forward to Barb's or I mean your next post...lol1

hugs to all!!!!

Mom to Lucy and Lisa said...

I'm so jealous of all your shopping!! It sounds like so much fun!! I hope you get to see the Olympic Venues. I can't wait to check those out in person!!

Chris, Tammy and the gang! said...


Glad to hear you are having a great time! I can completely understand and relate to your behavior issues. We also found the Chinese people wanted to give Evan whatever he was sulking for and we often had a crowd of people around us when we were dealing with his temper tantrums. Very unnerving, to say the least. I know you will stick to your guns and honestly, it is the only thing that works!

You are so lucky to have the chance to SHOP!!!! Enjoy!

talk soon,

Kendra Stiles said...

Heck - even I would be scared of 'mad Krista'! :o) ....but good for you, I would imagine it'll help him feel like part of the family too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Krista,

Hanlin is a cutie, happy to hear he is adjusting well.

We are hearing on the news the situation in China with respect to tainted Baby formula. Apparently Sun Lu and other companies have been used melamine in formulas, 6000 babies are sick with kidney failure, 3 have dies. Have you heard anything about this?


Anonymous said...

Hi Kirsta,

Did not know how to reach you other than this comment box. I meant to add please take my comment off after you read it.