Tuesday, September 9, 2008

We spent a very good night last night.
Haliin woke up this moring, and jumped into bed with Lily and I smiling and happy! I got a big hug and a MOMMY!!
It rained quite a bit over night so that cleared up the air a bit.
today are are heading off to do some shoping and site seeing. Actually the shopping is the site seeing. These aren't tradional shopping places you and I would think of, these of nestled in between temples. Very nice spot to walk around.

We got a call from B&C in Beijing. they are doing great! Touring the city by bus. Yesterday they went to the temple of heaven and the Pearl Market.
Tom, they call me almost every night, and I'll tell C that you e-mailed.

I still can't respond to e-mails so I am once again going to here:

Trail, thanks for showing Papa the site!! tell your dad that I'll bring him home egg rolls... I'll buy them today and put them on the counter for him.. I'm sure they'll be very yummy when we get home!! Hee heee Actually there is something very very special on the breakfast buffet that your Dad would LOVE. I'll take a picture of it today and put it on the blog later!! LOL

Louise thank you for watching the house etc...
Mary and trina too!! I'm not sure if Mary is back from Monreal yet... Happy birthday to Paul and a belated one for Gary!!

Maggie, lu and Jessica... (who don't comment) Please keep sending your e-mails. I love to read them.
Krista, Isabelle is very sad that Sage is leaving.She will miss her!
I do remember you mentioning how much she wanted to take Jazz. I hope she enjoys it!

dianne I love your comments.. keep em coming...

Love you guys!!


geminirn said...

Thanks for the update,you know between this site and finding out every possible detail there is to know about Kazakhstan(see i can even spell it now...he he)for sheila(as you probably already guessed...she is to busy shopping,after she will have to look presentable for us all when posting photos on her new blog.....woooohooooo!)i'm getting nothing done around here...lol!!

So happy to hear that Master H put in a good night,he is precious.

Have a great day,looking forward to your next update.

Hugs to all!
p.s.pleaseeeee don't post snake pictures(if you have to warn me fist).....yuck!!

Susanne McFadzen said...

Hi Dolans,
great to see all the pictures and read the posts. I almost feel like
making an other China trip.
The girls and your # 1 boy look so great together.

thinking about you all
Susann & the gang