Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hi everyone,
thought Id give a quick update. Its 4:50am and we all passed a good night finally. As long as we give Lily Advil every 5 hours, (4 hours 59 mins) LOL she seems to be fine. She had her 3rd dose of amoxil this morning and after 3 doses is when Abigail started to feel better.
We did the tylenol - advil thing, but she doesnt do well with tylenol it seems. Seems to have a little reaction to it. Something I will try again at home, but not here.
If she can eat a good breakfast, that will make me feel good. I can hear her out in the livingroom, shouting at Frank that shes hungry. LOL

The staff at the hotel have been amazing. When little was having her little episode, the cleaning lady came in, and started to clean, when she saw Lily, she ran over to help me, then ran out saying...get help... get help... then about 3 mins later the phone rang with the assistant manager on it asking if i wanted a taxi to the hospital.
Everywhere we go, everyone has been so nice and helpful. abigail and isabelle dont find it overwhelming, smiling at the people who want to touch them or talk to them and handing out pins to the kids. they are little canadian embassidors. but i guess they are tigers when it comes to barganing. cheryl and barb are now going to have them do all the shopping. the girls start to buy somthing, the vendors show them a # on the calculator, the girls clear the number and put something crazy down, the girls actaully have made all the vendors have to check with thier boss before they sell it for the price the girls asked for. the girls wont budge from their starting #. LOL oh, Isabelle did go up 1 dollar, once. LOL then sighed like she had been beaten. LOL

Today we are looking for a double stroller and a 2cell phones.
Some more food- snacks for the room.

PS: a couple of people were wondering if one of the pictures was the Beijing Airport. It actually was the Tianjin High speed train station. It is the fastest train in the world right now. We reached a top speed of 374km. It took us from Beijing to Tianjin in 30 mins. Instead of 1.5 hours it used to take.


LadyBug Journals said...

Hey girl !
Thank goodness for drugs, huh ?
I hope sweet Lily feels well soon.
Tomorrow is a big day ...


Sampsons said...

I'm glad she's feeling better! Do you get Hanlin tomorrow???


geminirn said...

Glad to hear Lily is better,we have issues with tylenol at our house also.sounds like the big girls are having a ball(I'm soooo jelous)i for one loved haggleing.

By the way...there really is no reason why you should be unable to fitone more post in before I retire for the night, it is only 8:50pm here,i'll be up for a few more hours yet.

p.s.and maybe a couple of photos also.....well if that is not to much to ask,thanks friend.

Hugs from the wannabees

Sheila said...

I have to agree with Dianne!!Glad to hear things are going better. Poor Lily and poor mom. Its scarey enough at home to run a temp.XZ looked at the pictures and said mom there's my friemd Lily, she's in China getting her baby brother. I keep telling her he is the same age as her, but she insists Lily is getting a baby brother!

Man I will take your big girls with us, sounds like they are great shoppers and having so so much fun!

Will check back later.
Take Care

XZ sends Lily a hug and hopes she is feeling better!

Kendra Stiles said...

holy smokes that is one fast train! fun!

you guys all sound like you are in heaven...I'm just catching up on all your posts...

can't wait to see more pics...