Friday, September 5, 2008

hi everyone!

Had a very busy day today..again... LOL

went shopping in the old markets, got amazing deals on things. I can't beleive how good my girls are at getting bargins. they must have some of thier Nana in them.

I'll type more tomorrow, but I'm wicked exhausted.. so just pics for today.
PS: Lily is doing much better. Ate a good breakfast, and nothing again till 7pm, and had a hard boiled egg and a yogurt. But at least she is eating, as the past 3 days she wasn't do that either.

Sorry guys, computer won't let me upload pics right now and I'm too tired to fridge with it.
I'll try again in the morn.


Kendra Stiles said...

I am loving all of your entries - so glad to hear Lily is on the mend. That will ease your mind I am sure.

How many more days until you see/pick up Hanlin?

geminirn said...

So glad to hear that lily is now eating,can't wait to hear more details of all you hotbuys from shopping.

So looking forward to seeing you all together as a family of 5,hope the aunties are having a great trip.

sleep well and pleasent dreams!!

geminirn said...


Chris, Tammy and the gang! said...

What kinds of things are you buying. We didn't get much chance to shop while in china...we found it too difficult with Evan (as did the other families with their "older" children). Caused too many temper tantrums. You're lucky you're able to get some done before Hanlin comes.


Sheila said...

I'm sure the market will never be the same after the D girls hit there!!*LOL* Glad to hear you all had a wonderful day!!


Sheila said...

FAMILY OF 6!! HOLY!@@@ 6!!!!!