Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hi again everyone.
Man, you guys must think Im spending all my time on the computer!! LOL
right now I have been in this room more than I would like, however, we are going out today.
That is why I have no pictures. They would be all of the hotel room. LOL which is so nice by the way.
Livingroom, with a seperate bedroom.

Lily: Frank let the advil time go to almost 6 hours and of course she started to have an episode at breakfast.
We got meds into her and stripped her down and she is now watching tv. She is sayingher tounge in cut and is asking if this hotel is a hospital and if she can go to the doctor. LOL

I just wanted to say to everyone, that we are getting all the comments and e-mails (for those too stubborn) to leave a comment. I cant respond to all of them, but i will try to answer questions etc.. on the blog.
have a great night.
we will be having a great day.
a very great day today.
(i hope) lol


Lisa said...

We love living through you guys!! LOL I'm checking morning and night as I love to follow your blog!! We hope you enjoy your day...OUT!!!
Lisa, Dave and Shai

geminirn said...

Thanks once again for the update....poor Lily,hope she feels better soon.

Well the hours are flying by(on this end anyway),hope they fly by as quickly for you.....oh I can't wait to see his little face!!!

p.s.maybe the aunties could snap a few photos for me...or I mean you...hehe!

Jamie and Angela said...

I've been thinking of you all day. So sorry that Lily is sick, that is stress that you all don't need right now. I'll be praying that she starts feeling better very soon.

Waiting breathlessly for the next update!

geminirn said...

OK heading off to bed back around 7am.....have a great GREAT day!!!!!!

Mom to Lucy and Lisa said...

Thanks for all the know we are all hanging on your every word hitting refresh often!! Take care all!!

Erica said...

I'm glad to hear you got there safe and sound. Lu only gave me the link to your blog today! I love reading it and hearing about your adventure! Hope Lily is over being sick soon!


Chris, Tammy and the gang! said...

I can't wait to hear about your day...I'm sure you must be going stir crazy in the hotel room. How is the it still quite warm or is it cold and rainy (like canada!!).

Talk soon and I'm checking back often!


Chris, Tammy and the gang! said...

Oh, I forgot...I have a way for you to get your book published - the one you did for Hanlin. I have illustrators as well...can't remember if you had one. We'll talk about it when you get home if you're interested!!!!