Thursday, September 18, 2008

Krista should never have showed me how to blog. I am waiting in her room for Cheryl to get back from her excursion. We all went to the Aquarium but she decided to go off on her own and see more temples. She has been trying since we got here to see some guy's palace, I don't remember the name of the palace, Prince Ding Dong's Palace is what I have been calling it. I hope she finds what she is looking for. She is braver than I am, off on her own like that. I'll give her another couple of hours before I call out the red army to look for her. The only problem is that I don't think they will know where Prince Ding Dong's Palace is. I hope she left bread crumbs.

A couple of days ago, Tuesday, I think, we all went with the group to 3 different markets. The Silk, Pearl and Yashow Markets. The only problem is that they gave us only 2 hours at each market. Krista was flipping out, saying, "Okay, I can do it, Keep out of my way, I've got plans. Frank you watch the little ones, girls lets go". First the Yashow market to buy shoes. Then the Pearl Market to buy, ummmm, shoes, oh yeah and purses, then the third market to buy, ummmm, shoes and purses. I decided to go off on my own to look for a duffle bag to bring all my shopping home in so I head down to the purse floor and tell Krista I will see her down there in about 10 minutes. MISTAKE!!!. Well there I was on the purse floor walking around aimlessly, smiling and nodding at all the crazy chinese sales clerks asking me what you want, what you want? After ten minutes I started looking for Krista, then I realized that I forgot to set a meeting place. This place is packed with screaming Chinese, tourists and me. No Krista. Earlier Krista gave Cheryl necklaces with the chinese word for sisters on it. So when they as me,"What you want?", I replied, "my sister". So I talk to a clerk about a bag and she notices my necklace and says Jiamay (phonetic) Sisters. I said yes that I was looking for my sister and if she sees a girl wearing a necklace like this to let me know. So off I go and about 15 minutes later I pass by this same clerk and she yells Jiamay, Jiamay. I asked, "did you see my Jiamay"?. She nods her head and jabs her finger saying Jiamay, Jiamay. So I run off in that direction for my Jiamay, (it doesn't help that Krista looks like a little chinese girl from the back and even a little from the front). I keep running until I once again pass the same clerk she looks at my necklace and says "Jiamay?" I answer no, then she scratches her chin and looks at me again and starts laughing says, "Oh, that you, so sorry". So here I was chasing myself all over the damn purse section. I guess we all look alike to them. I finally gave up and then accidentally bump in to Cheryl on my way out. Go figure.

After Krista's Bicycle ride she was so pumped. She now has waffle bruises on her butt. She kept squealing and squealing, especially after Lily the driver rang her bell. It doesn't take much.

Cheryl can add a new item to her list of weird things she has eaten. The other night she actually ate pigeon. I only ate a small bite, just to say that I did. It was kinda gross, but she liked it. They served it with its head on the plate as well. We kept covering it's head with parsley and flowers, it kept looking at us, asking why, why?

Wednesday I stayed in the room and slept until 1230 in the afternoon. I was quite ill with a massive sinus headache and sore throat. Everyone else were going to see some temple or something, and you know my attitude towards that. I read two James Patterson novels instead, and enjoyed every minute of my time alone.

Back to the Pearl market, aka oyster market, today to pick up some last minute things that we couldn't live without. I bought two NorthFace Soft Shell flannel lined Gortex jackets for golfing and skiing. I paid only $30 Canadian for each. Krista went back and bought one for herself and one for Frankie.

I actually managed to get us back to the hotel saftely without Cheryl's help. I think Krista was a bit nervous as I didn't have a map for a reference. I faked worry, and said I THINK this is the right bus back. I like messing with her mind. Anyway, I am going back to my room to wait for Cheryl. We have dinner plans and maybe a massage later. We leave tomorrow and I can't wait to go home to see my family. That's all for now...... Barbie....

Krista is now thinking, "Holy Crap, what was I thinking"?
Is is okay if I scream with glee the whole way there?
I'm home and I'm alive, yesssssss!
I think she actually did scream all the way there and back.
Isabelle is in the house, watch out for her, she is a tough bargainer.

Frank is trying to make his great escape. Run Frankie, run while you still have money in your pocket. Krista is right behind you. She wants MORE SHOES, MORE SHOES, run run run.


Anonymous said...

That market looks cool! But, I probably would get lost... good thing my sisters and I don't look alike so that the store clerk won't confuse us!
Tell Isabelle that I have a friend who loves Converse shoes so she would probably trade her arm to be where Isabelle is in that picture!

Mom to Lucy and Lisa said...

LOL!! What a funny post! Thanks Barb for the morning smile!! Love the pics of Krista on the bike with Lily.

geminirn said...

SITTING HERE LMAO!!!Joe keeps coming into the room saying "what..."what"....he he!!

Wow!!Hard to believe you guys are heading home........sooooo!

Love all the photos.....looking forward to the next post.....and can not wait to hear all about the flights back!!!!


Kris McG said...

I suddenly have an overwhelming urge to go shoe shopping!

Looking forward to seeing back here!

Sheila said...

Love the post and the pictures were wonderful!! Krista I'm jealous that you got to go on that bike! It lookes like a blast!!!

Well you wil begin your haul back, hop eit is uneventful and everyone travels well!

Take Care

Just Us Girls said...

Great pictures!!!! The bike ride looks fun.. :) Good sport, Krista!


Mom to Lucy and Lisa said...

Hope you are all home safe and sound and enjoying sleeping in your own beds. I will be here, hitting the refresh key often. :)