Tuesday, September 2, 2008

this first post is written by my sister Barb. she types way way faster than me!

We are finally here in Tianjin. It is now 1045 pm. September 2 at 31C. You should have seen the people crowding around us at the train station. We were trying to get a cab to take us to the Hyatt Regency Hotel. We had about 35-40 people crowding around us all talking chinese at the same time while Cheryl and the two girls stood back and giggled and laughed at the spectacle we were causing. These people were all trying to help us but none of them could speak English. It was actually quite funny. We ended up getting two cabs for a total of 30 Canadian dollars to take all 7 of us and 13 bags of luggage to the hotel. When we spoke to our guides (who we will see in a couple of days) they laughed and could not believe it and said that we got a wicked deal. They started the cost at $75 CND, but Krista said no way and started to leave, then they started freaking out and quickly reduced the price for us. The girls were soooooo good during the wait in Toronto (8 hours) and the flight to China (13 hours). I was so proud of them. Lily asked while were in flight whether we were going to be fed. Krista said oh yes of course. Lily said that they must have a really big ladder. When we arrived in Beijing Lily announced ..we in China..I love my brother. Krista and Frankie had to medicate the two older girls because of strep throat. This turned into a logistical nightmare because of the time difference. Lily loves China, all she is going to remember is the escalators and walkalators. She kept asking for ..more rides.. When we arrived in Beijing Cheryl was waiting for us waving a large sign that read Dolan. As if we wouldnt recognize who she is. When we saw her waving this sign we wanted to go the other way as we saw she was already crying and jumping up and down yelling Over here Over here.


geminirn said...

OMG!!!!!!YOU GUYS ARE THERE!!!YAYYYYY!!!!!IN HANLIN'S CITY....WOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!Barb i love your post,i'm sitting here almost p..sing myself picturing sister C hold that sign and jumping up and down.....what a hoot!
thanks for the update and the great photos...keep them coming.

Mom to Lucy and Lisa said...

LOL!! And the craziness is already beginning. I can't wait to see and read more!! Thanks for the update. I'm so looking forward to this adventure. Sorry to hear the girls have strep! Ugh. That is no fun on such a big trip! Enjoy every moment!!