Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Well, Lily managed to give me quite a scare today! Because she wasnt feeling well, we stayed in the hotel while everyone else went out. She was fine, playing and happy for a few hours, then suddenly she started to shiver, she could barely talk, but her temp wasnt too bad, then very suddenly her temp shot up to over 104.3, she fell asleep almost instantly and had some huge shivers through out her body. Totally freaked me out, and thankfully everyone arrived home just at this time. As soon as the Advil started to work, her temp dropped by .5 almost every 5 mins then stayed 100ish. We put cold compresses on her neck and groin and forehead and tried to get her to take a tylenol, but she puked it up on Frank. LOL
I know her body was reacting to the fever, but man it scared me!!
Less than 1 hour of having the Advil and freaking me out totally, she was up and playing.
I, on the other hand am, still shaking. LOL

Now 8 hours later, her fever is starting to climb again, we ve alreay given her Advil and Amoxil. But she isnt shaking and freezing cold like last time and Frank is here now too which is quite reassuring. Ive told Frank that he is not allowed to be away from us any more. Not that he helped much as she was starting to come around when everyone arrived. My sisters were very helpful.

The older girls had a wonderful time out today and even bargined for themselves for some souvieners. Victoria, abigail wanted to let you know she bought you something!!

Off to bed now
No pics right now, too tired.


Anonymous said...

Hi Krista,
Glad to hear you guys got there okay...Hope Lily is better. Nothing worse than having a sick child while in China (i'm sure it brings back many memories for many of us) The airport looks like the new one?

Sampsons said...

I'd have been scared too! Hope she's feeling better soon - there's too much fun to be had! N

Chris, Tammy and the gang! said...


Oh what a time to have little Lily sick! I so hope she beats the fever soon!

I am glad to hear you are all in Beijing and ready to meet little Hanlin. When is the big day???? It has to be soon. I am having butterflies in my stomach for you!!!! I am so glad this is finally happening for your family! I'll be checking the blog to see some pictures with your new son.


geminirn said...

Don't forget you can give that dose of tylenol between the advil,this makes the world of difference and somtimes the need this little extra help to get that fever down.Hope she is feeling better soon.glad to hear the big girls are feeling better and are able to venture out...tommorrow is a new day my friend.

Hugs to all!!!

Lisa said...

Sorry to hear that Lily is not feeling well. I'm sure the medication will kick in soon. The fever seizures are scarey. Shai has had them before as well and apparently once they get them, they are prone to them. My doctor has reassured us that it is just the body's way of cooling itself down. We are difinately thinking about all of you and can only imagine your inticipation!
Lisa, Dave and Shai