Monday, September 8, 2008

It's almost 7am, and we're now all awake. Hanlin was the last to wake up. LOL the rest of us was up about an hour ago.
He doesn't seem to be "surprised" to wake up here, and is now playing with the girls. He LOVES his LLBean back pack and goes for it all the time. I'va made sure to always have each of thier backpacks with thier own things in it.
He loves to play with the kids, and I'm amazed at how well Lily is doing with all this. she tells me when he shares, or if she shared her toys..

Last night when it was bedtime, he started to whimper. the girls were changing into PJ's and taking baths, and he was getting upset, thinking we were going to put him in the bath. He curled up onto my lap and we explained he didn't need to go in the bath. He wouldn't change into his Pj's either, so after Lily got out of the bath, I dried her off and changed her while we watched tv. He was now cuddled with Frank and he watched intently. After that I motioned to put PJ's on and we was quite willing. Frank laid down with him to sleep and I laid down with Lily, he started to whimper again, and I scooted down the bed to the side of his cot and reached my hands out to him, he grabbed onto them and I softly rubbed my fingers up and down his arm and across his face till he fell asleep. He would start to whimper off and on, sucking his thumb, but he never cried hard. everytime he would start to cry, he would wipe his tears and "suck it up". Man this is one tough kid. We want him to cry, to grieve, and he does from time to time. But he also has no problem asking Frank or myself to hold him, or cuddle him. He loves kisses and cuddles and I think this is helping him greatly. He even loves to sit and play and cuddle with his older sisters.
Frank slept on the cot with him all night, frankie didn't even get up to change into PJ's !! LOL I think that had more to do with being tired.

We are heading to breakfast soon and are spending the day at the orphanage. I told the girls to pack lots of toys. LOL

they told us that the paper work today will take all day. Ouch!!!

We will travel to the civil affairs office and to the orphange.

supper last night sucked. the hotel is not at all well equipped for family and there aren't "clean" places to eat. don't forget... my kids are adventerous! and eat almost anywhere and anything... and we still can't find anything around here. ewwwww

Cheryl and Barb made it to Beijing without any problems. And are looking forward to 4 fundays without us! LOL

Im off to get the crew dressed.

trina.... abigial was wondering if she could set up a MSN time to talk with tori??

Still can't send or respond to e-mails. Only read e-mails.



Lisa said...

Sounds like the girls are adjusting well. Hanlin also sounds like he is doing well considering everything that must be going through his mind. I'm sure that Frank and you must be exhausted as it would be alot of emotions to deal with ... not to mention the physical things that you are doing.
Lisa, Dave and Shai

LadyBug Journals said...

Oh Krista amazing. Jp are I sitting here reading your updates.
Congrats from the bottom of our hearts :)
Can't wait to meet Hanlin.

geminirn said...

Glad to hear that Hanlin put in a good first night,and glad to hear that Lily is handling everything well also.

love the photos.....and ohhhh he is sucking his little thumb.....awwwww!!!

Hope your day goes well and looking forward to your next post.


Just Us Girls said...

Love the pictures! He is one handsome little guy and sounds like he is doing good :).
Lily looks so grown up in the pictures beside!

Thanks for the update and glad to hear you had a good first night as a family of 6!!!!!!!!

All the best,
Carrie W.

Trina & Tori said...

Hi All,
I couldn't respond to yesterday's post...way overwhelmed...I can only imagine how it was to be there. Congratulations :D and welcome Hanlin...we have all been waiting to meet you.

Glad "my girlies" are taking everything in stride...I had no doubt they would...they are great kids :D

I will send Tori's MSN via e-mail and she can talk Tues or Wed night at 9pm (my time of course).
Hugs and Stamp Kisses to all!!!